Saturday, 17 September 2016

Avoid Rip-Offs Part 3

Part One here, Part Two here, read up if unfamiliar with RTL-SDR dongles, aim remains the same: providing an overview what not to buy or spend money on.
I'm constantly amazed by the ingenuity and sheer cheek of sellers. A generic dongle costs $8-ish from China,'s v.3 dongle covers 100 kHz to 1.7 GHz with direct sampling and costs $25 with antennas.
Just so you know.

Is this the new dongle for three times the price?

For fairness, it comes with two adapters and small USB extension cable; also available around the 60 dollar mark elsewhere. From case and specs, it looks and reads like the latest v.3 dongle in previous case (four screws) in a different color.

BatterElec? What? For 25 dollars?

I'd be laughing if it wasn't so sad, then I started crying on Amazon UK...
$111 direct sampling receiver:

Interestingly, the same is available for $57, which is still daylight robbery, but the trend seems to be to offer these receivers at grossly exaggerated prices:

Graphics might change:

Not only "Full band" receivers, plain old R820T dongles are selling for eye-popping prices:

Save 53 %, sixty-two dollars for a receiver which can be bough for less than $10:

Just because it's small, it doesn't have to cost a lot: the following size can be bought from Nooelec here with much better specification.

Just because a dongle has an aluminum enclosure, asking 60 bucks for a product which costs $30 with 2-year warranty is a bit excessive:

The old E4000 scam is here to stay, $27 dollars.

Please, please, don't spend more than $10 on a generic dongle, or on any product which comes with a small black antenna, especially not $35:

If you want value for money, order new v.3 dongle or Nooelec products from manufacturer, but never ever from online auction sites unless it's the manufacturer's outlet. Why? New v.3 costs $25 from with a few extra bucks for shipping.
This is not value for money:

If you know of any more ripoffs not mentioned above, comment here or drop an email.

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