Monday, 19 September 2016

Review: Nooelec 5dBi High Gain ADS-B Antenna

Review: Nooelec 5dBi High Gain ADS-B Antenna

These are the big brothers of the previously reviewed 3dBi antenna bundle; only larger with more gain, cost 2-3 dollars more on the manufacturer webpage. Antennas in the pack are also available separately for around 6 dollars.
5dBi gain means that claimed figures are in the territory of FlightAware's $45 large antenna. Separate post here comparing four antennas, results versus FlightAware antenna:

22 percent less position reports from an antenna costing nine times less and measuring four times less.
They are larger than 3dBi brothers, with corresponding performance improvement:

As a general receiving antenna

Works extremely well for daily use; large enough to receive local and medium-strength signals, small enough to be unobtrusive.
Worked flawlessly on handheld general communications receiver due to shared SMA connector standard, and on handheld transceiver. Furthermore, both look identical to larger WiFi antennas, so no questions from onlookers.


Quickly became one of my favourite antenna for daily use due to versatility, small size and decent performance. Fits into an airport screening plastic bag or into your pocket, and the whole kit costs around $16 for two antennas and two adapters for generic dongles with older MCX connectors.
Highly recommended.

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