Tuesday, 8 November 2016


I'm writing posts at the moment, and concurrently testing lots of equipment.
This blog is supported by the following manufacturers:
- Nooelec,
- rtl-sdr.com,
- Adam,
- FlightAware,
- Outernet,
- Thumbnet,
- ebay seller novakx,
- ebay seller Janilab.

Some of the makers above offer similar products, so comparisons are unavoidable. And necessary. And the purpose of this blog.
I can't help it, so I'll tread on quite a few toes in the near future.

As a teaser:

- Outernet kit is great fun, unbelievably easy to use,
- rtl-sdr.com broadcast FM filter works quite well,
- Pro Stick Plus is astonishing, but only for ADS-B,
- LNA4ALL has a competitor from novakx, 
- FlightAware antenna still beats everything else, at a cost and size,
- homemade ADS-B antennas are great.

Plus many more, I'll try to catch up with posting, doing justice takes time. Watch this space, follow on twitter @rtlsdr4everyone for news.

Stay tuned, 


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