Thursday, 19 January 2017

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First of all, the mother of all dongle comparison, testing almost all RTL- SDR dongle varieties on the market is underway, here's a teaser, right-click to download as a Full HD desktop background:

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Today's menu:

Line of sight: visual demonstration shows what line of sight means, useful for ADS-B and Outernet use.

USB cable quality has a profound effect on received signals, much more than you expect.

Testing Uputronics' 1090 Mhz Filtered preamp was a definitive highlight in the last few weeks.

Easy homemade beginner ADS-B antennas lists three easy-to-do antennas using supplied mount or $1 worth of coax cable.

New guide for Building an ADS-B station with a Raspberry Pi 3, concepts are the same for PC users.

In retrospect, I could have avoided the bumpy road, learn from my mistakes.

An open letter to radio manufacturers details why and how the radio industry needs to improve, right here and right now.

Traditional or software defined radio? Make up your mind after reading the post.

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