Sunday, 14 May 2017

ADS-B easy antenna picture guide, testing and some wisdom

It all started in February, when commenced testing antennas with four ADS-B stations - read my struggles in the Diary. Warning: very long and detailed post.

The Coketenna picture guide details steps how to build an easy ADS-B antenna for less than $1 or from junk materials with only a knife in less than 10 minutes. Complicated measurements? No, use dongles as a template:

ADS-B Wisdom offers some advice how to optimize, monitor and upgrade a station should you wish to jump into the ADS-B hole. Remember: antenna location matters the most.

Long term testing with four stations, each with successively more advanced components, took over a month. Post only features 10 day's data, setups from $8 to $135, filtered and unfiltered dongles.


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