Saturday, 23 December 2017

Top 5 of Software Defined Radio

Cause I want peace of mind, going away for 2 weeks of incommunicado, here's what I'll carry:

From top left:

Nooelec Mini 2+ Al: backup, sheer performance, still the best RTL-SDR dongle when aim is hearing a signal.
Nooelec SMArt: backup, for SMA connector, easy for USB port, will work. v.3: same as SMArt, backup.
SDRPlay RSP1A: secondary, currently the best SDR below $100, better than RSP2 above three digit MHz numbers.
SDRPlay RSP2: primary SDR, wouldn't carry others but I got a choice.
Cables: for SDRPlay and dongles, ferrites are compulsory.
Antenna: SMA connector, telescopic, can overcome shortcomings re length or ground plane, but SMA is a must.

Merry Christmas and festivities to you all, heartfelt thanks to more than 500,000 readers this year, and to supporting manufacturers, commenters, haters, naysayers, all of you helped me in ways you cannot imagine.

I'll be back sometime in 2018.

Akos out.

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