ADS-B Shootout: v.2 vs v.3 vs SMArt

Three receivers: Nooelec SMArt,'s previous v.2, and new v.3.
All in Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputers running PiAware, v.3 and SMArt in identical ModMyPi Starter Kit, v.2 in a different case. Testing setup variance less than 2%, so any difference less than that could be down to a host of variables - read more ADS-B testing notes here.

Data after 5 days:

ADS-B performance is just one indicator, and the fact that the SMArt collected 1.64% more position reports is well within back-end setup error, ultimately means one thing to me: both premium dongles are really close.
Don't make a buying decision on data above, if you want more position report, get a FlightAware Prostick, or a preamp with v.3, or use a better antenna, or what have you. SMArt and v.3 makes no difference. Both are excellent.

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