Avoid Ripoffs Part Four

As a recap:
- $10 gets a generic chinese R820T2 tuner,
- buy branded - Nooelec and rtl-sdr.com blog - dongles directly from the manufacturer,
- full-band larger box receivers around the $30 - $50 mark are waste of money,
- watch the shipping cost.
Read Part One, Two, and Three for further information.

Let's start today's edition with a gem. For $300:

Probably an earlier generation rtl-sdr.com dongle, or I missed the post announcing SMA F connectors. The latest v.3 sells for $25 with antennas.
Nooelec models are not immune, the same XTR+ costs $38, thought it's cheap compared to eBay UK, where it sells for £64.6 (~$81):

Exactly the same Nano 2 costs $20 from the maker:

Free download ebook (click here) for $120. Fair enough, it's a print copy, but, khmm... I also thought it was a bit expensive, until I found a copy for ~$171 (plus shipping for $6.) I'm not joking.

Difference is small, only 66% markup:

Common denominator for ripoff sellers is a fancy name: "happytimesforever" above, "premierlifestyles" below:

The very same receiver is available 30% cheaper from Nooelec with two-year warranty, not just 30 day returns. This list could be longer, such as:

It's a free market, and it's your money.
However, I firmly believe that these business practices are detrimental to the hobby, so if you know any more ripoffs (not only in connection with RTL-SDRs, amateur radio enthusiasts are also more than welcome), please comment below, or on reddit.

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