November 19, 2016

This section is necessary to comply with legal requirements - and to make a few things clear to the reader.

Amazon Affiliation

Ever since they appeared as an online seller and well before I started this blog, I've been ordering from Amazon. They are reliable, have a great return policy, and I can save on shipping by ordering from my local Amazon store. Until a few days ago, I've always provided links to Amazon USA, as most of visitors are from the States.
Just recently, I discovered that I may receive compensation from Amazon if I link to a product. I've already been doing this for years, but simply by replacing existing links, I can increase my radio budget and can afford to purchase more radio equipment.
As a result, links pointing to Amazon are affiliate links now. This comes at no additional cost to you, and as always, I only recommend products I would recommend to a friend. Ripoffs never had an Amazon link, even if they were from Amazon, and I won't change that practice. Manufacturer links have always been provided, and I will continue to do so.
Akos Czermann is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

Manufacturer Support

I've bought equipment and got supported later, or received review samples from the following manufacturers and individuals:
- Nooelec,
- rtl-sdr.com,
- FlightAware,
- SDRPlay,
- Outernet,
- Thumbnet,
- Adam 9A4QV,
- eBay seller Novakx5,
- eBay seller Janilab,

If an item is a review sample, this fact is clearly noted in the review.
I do not receive any monetary compensation from any of the equipment providers listed above.

No allegiances

Absolutely. I use equipment, which I buy from my own money, or receive as a sample. Before a manufacturer sends me a sample, I make it clear that I will write what I think. If the maker does not agree, I refuse to do a review. I 'm not a magazine, I don't have to write nice things to get advertising revenue.
I trust what I recommend. I recommend products I use and happy with, and don't recommend products I don't like.
I recommend Nooelec, because their stuff are high quality. If they are terrible in comparison, I note that.
I recommend rtl-sdr.com, whenever it's warranted. The maker knows that the SMArt's cable is longer and better quality, so won't be offended when I state that fact.
I recommend Adam's accessories. I bought my first LNA4ALL, then bought many other preamps and received samples from Adam later on - still, when I need a reliable preamp, I reach for an LNA4ALL.

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