Does Cooling work?

Dec 16, 2016

Electronic devices generate heat; a cooler running RTL-SDR has better receive performance.
I recommend cooling for a long time, and detail basic and advanced methods in my book, but some readers question the effectiveness of cooling.
Very basic setup: two v.3 dongles, with identical ModMyPi Raspberry Pi 3s and a FlightAware antenna for ADS-B use.
One v.3 has two heatsinks strapped on with cable ties, a PC fan providing additional airflow over the fins.
All components can be obtained from a discarded PC, or bought from pocket change.

Difference in results was less than 1% with these two v.3 dongles when tested earlier, figures this time after a week's 24/7 duty, "Diff" at the bottom indicating difference in total airplane position signals for the cooled v.3 for the actual day:

3.73% percent more position reports over eight days. A small improvement by the numbers, and a giant leap considering the cost and time required.

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