Ripoff Special: FlightAware Pro Stick Plus

Nov 11, 2016

The Plus is the latest ADS-B receiver, so sellers on Amazon and eBay already offer it with accessories, which are just a tiny bit overpriced.
Arguably, some of the examples below are not true ripoffs, but included as savings are possible.
A Plus costs $20.95 from Amazon, or $29.99 (plus shipping for international customers) from eBay seller wifi_expert. That two links are FlightAware-approved official distributors.
Technical bit: FlightAware antenna is N-connector Female, and the Plus is SMA Female, so an N-type Male to SMA Male adaptor or pigtail is required - shouldn't be more than $10 dollars, often less. Also, try to minimize cable runs, if you don't need 25 foot of coax don't use 25 foot of coax.
An identical 8GB card costs around $7 from Amazon as in image below, granted, you'll have to download and write PiAware image to card, a process that takes 30 minutes at most.
Feel free to pay $12 extra for the convenience:

Crafty: search results indicate that the product is by FlightAware, but the seller is not FA.
Same seller - Custom Cables Group - offers FlightAware-based products, such as complete kits for $225.

Components bought separately would cost around $125 (Pi3 kit: $60, FA antenna $45, Plus $21) without coax and adapter; essentially, you pay 100 dollar for 25 foot of cable with two adapters.

Pay $70 for a magnetic antenna:

You get a premium SMArt  or v.3 receiver with antennas for less than $30.

Pay $70 extra for 25 foot cable and connectors:

Yes, it's a free market, and it's your money. I've nothing against the seller named above, but if you want value for money, there're better choices out there.

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