Review: Nooelec SMA Connectivity Kit

8 pigtails for Software Defined Radios and amateur radio equipment with standard SMA female connectors, 6" / 15 cm RG-58 cable with eight different connectors on the other end:

Costs $25 at manufacturer, same price on Amazon.

What for? If you have antennas or equipment they'll be usable with software defined radios, or with any equipment which has an SMA female connector.

From left to right:

MCX female: for antennas that plug into a receiver, e.g. Nano 3 antennas can be used.

SO-239: Older amateur radio gear and CB antennas, officially called UHF connector (Wiki), re-purpose magnetic mount CB antennas for mobile shortwave reception with ease.

SMA female: was looking at this bewildered, until realized that WiFi antennas can repurposed:

SMA Male: for LNAs, upconverters, universal. Baofeng antennas can be also connected, $10 will get five antennas delivered off eBay.

PAL female: used in Europe, new life for traditional bunny ears, originally for TV reception, a telescopic dipole will function well on other bands once adjusted.

N-type female: For the pro guys. If an antenna costs more than three-digit local coins, it will have an N-type. Good to have.

BNC female. For scanner antennas, e.g. Uniden rubber ducky was push-and-twist:

CCTV also uses BNC, so connectors are cents when building a custom antenna setup.

F-type female: the "TV antenna connector" in the States, "satellite connector" in Europe and most of the world, so accessories are the cheapest and widely available - my own antenna farm is built with F-connectors as .30c each, no crimping as with BNC, splitters for comparison available, reliable.

Build quality: Pro level. Best from Nooelec, or from any manufacturer, SMA Connectivity Kit bottom, Nooelec pigtail in the middle, multipurpose antenna kit on top:

Chunky, easier to grab, much better feeling when assembling gear.
RG-58 cable, no issue with transceivers, built tought, proper heatshrinking:

Common problem with pigtails is end assembly coming off with frequent use, which is not a problem unless you connect / disconnect antennas frequently like I do.

Moaning: Dear Nooelec, could you please offer separate pigtails for purchase? I use F-Type, and for, say, $6 each, I'd buy five right away. Heck, offer one for $8, I'd still go for them, more than happy to pay for quality and reliability. Thanks, Akos.


Eight connectors for $25, less than a fiver each. A purpose-specific pigtail costs around $8 at Nooelec, uncomparable barrel kits sell for $16 (strain on receiver connector).

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